Henry Olsen

GOP Debate Preview: Appearance on Bill Bennett Show

EPPC Senior Fellow Henry Olsen appeared on the Bill Bennett Show (with guest host Steven Hayward) on September 16, 2015, to preview the GOP presidential debate hosted by CNN.

A Deep Dive into Trump’s Poll Numbers Shows Most Pundits Get Him Wrong

While poll numbers superficially suggest that Donald Trump’s chances of winning the nomination are better than commonly thought, an even closer look shows that Trump’s appeal is likely to be deep but very limited.

Walker, Rubio Health Plans Renew Reaganism for Our Age

New health care proposals by Republican candidates mark a monumental development for both the campaign and for the conservative movement, one that breathes Ronald Reagan’s soul into the Republican nomination fight.

BBC Radio Segment on 2016 GOP Primary

EPPC Senior Fellow Henry Olsen appeared on BBC Radio to present his analysis of the 2016 GOP primary field.

How Will Moderate Republicans Shape the Primaries?

EPPC Senior Fellow Henry Olsen appeared on Minnesota Public Radio to discuss the current pool of GOP presidential hopefuls and the role of moderate candidates in the upcoming debates and primaries.

Why Kasich Matters (and Could Win)

Ohio Governor John Kasich is slowly positioning himself to become the person most likely to surprise and break out of the crowded GOP primary pack.

Jeb Bush, Vanilla Conservative

There’s reason to wonder if the “Republican vanilla” brand will prove to be as popular with both primary- and general-election voters in 2016 as it has in the past.


Scott Walker’s Tax Populism

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has eschewed the typical supply-side orthodoxy in favor of an economically successful – and politically popular – alternative.


Getting No Respect: Blue-Collar Voters

Working-class discontent continues to grow and gather steam, fracturing and reordering politics in virtually every country.

Elite Convergence

In its rush to convict the educated Left, a new book overlooks the important complicity among certain elites on the Right in the plight of non-college-educated, native-born Americans.