George Weigel

Issues Beneath Issues at Synod 2015

Beneath the visible questions regarding marriage and the family lie more basic questions of the Church’s self-understanding.


Synod 2015 Hopes

One key hope for Synod 2015: that it challenges the world (and the people of the Church) to rediscover the truth that there are truths built into human beings and into their relationships.

Pope Francis and Those Radical, Permanent Things

Although the messages delivered by Pope Francis on his U.S. visit will inevitably be cherry-picked to advance particular causes, they simply doesn’t fit the conventional Left/Right categories of our politics (including our ecclesiastical politics).

Lessons from the Rough Rider for Today’s Political Ruffians

Theodore Roosevelt’s refusal to be drawn into matters that properly belonged to the Church is a virtue that might well be emulated today, and in the weeks and months following Pope Francis’s pastoral visit to the United States.

EPPC’s George Weigel to Provide Commentary for NBC News on Pope Francis’s U.S. Visit

In his capacity as Senior Vatican Analyst for NBC News, EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel will be providing commentary on Pope Francis’s visit to the United States throughout the week.

Interview with George Weigel: A Big Week for Catholics in America

George Weigel talks with NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez about Pope Francis’s visit to the United States.

Popes in These United States

The popes in America have spoken words of both challenge and encouragement, and that will surely continue with Pope Francis’s visit this month.


George Weigel Discusses Pope Francis’s U.S. Visit

EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel was interviewed by the Italian Web daily La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana [The New Daily Compass] on Pope Francis’s impending visit to the United States.

Remembering “The Few”

The magnificent stories of the heroes of the Battle of Britain are now largely forgotten.

An Epistolary Romp Through Catholicism

A new version of Letters to a Young Catholic takes readers to some new stops on a tour of the vast, endlessly fascinating world of Catholicism.