George Weigel

The Most Important Day of Your Life

Owning your baptism is the precondition to being a member of that “Church permanently in mission” which Pope Francis calls us to be.


The Best Nuncio We’ve Had Thus Far

The announcement that Archbishop Christoph Pierre will succeed Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò as Apostolic Nuncio to the United States is an opportunity to pay tribute to a courageous churchman who has served Catholicism, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis in an exemplary way during his tenure in Washington.

Catholics and Campaign 2016

Serious Catholics bring to American politics a distinctive way of thinking about public life that’s built on four core principles, drawn from the Church’s social doctrine.

The Merciful Grace of the Truth

Why are marriage and the family in trouble? Amoris Laetitia reviews a lot of the reasons, some of which go back to Adam and Eve, and some of which are contemporary expressions of that original sin of pride.

Pope Francis on Love, Marriage, and the Family

Amoris Laetitia will keep the theologians busy, analyzing its moral theology and its reading of Church tradition. All of this churning will finally work out to the good of the Church and the advance of its mission of evangelization and service, but only if the document is read in full, with the care and patience its author requests.


After the “G-Word” has been Spoken

The congressional resolution and the State Department’s action declaring that what ISIS is doing to Christians in Iraq is “genocide” gives the victims of persecution hope that someone knows, and someone cares.

Things that Can’t Change

It seems inevitable, alas, that the spin is going to continue, no matter how the pope phrases his call for the pastoral accompaniment of the divorced and civilly remarried.


Easter is not a Question Mark

The grittiness of Lent, and the “intransigent historical claims” without which Easter makes no sense at all, should remind us that Christianity does not rest on myths or “narratives,” but on radically changed human lives whose effect on their times are historical fact.


A Sordid Anniversary, to be Remembered

There will be no progress on the path opened by Pope Francis in his February meeting with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill unless the Church Kirill leads acknowledges its sordid role in the “Lviv Sobor” of 1946, thereby taking an important step in liberating itself from the evangelically stifling embrace of Russian state power.


‘A Tiny Bit of a Man’: Evelyn Waugh’s Anticipation of Donald Trump

More than 70 years ago, while on leave from the Royal Marines, Evelyn Waugh penned a portrait of a buccaneering moneyman with political ambitions and a hollow interior, a sketch that rings loud bells of familiarity in today’s presidential campaign.