George Weigel

Anger and Citizenship

A passionate politics, informed and disciplined by reason, can be a politics of the intelligence, a politics of great ideas: a politics, if you will, of sound moral judgment. And sound moral judgment is rarely, if ever, the child of anger.

Gain Some Iranian Contracts, Lose Your Civilization

If Italy’s recent gestures of cravenness were not evidence of a crisis of civilizational morale in its terminal, or hospice-care, stage, it’s unclear what would be.

China’s Population Crisis: An Evangelical Opportunity?

China in the late-21st century will be the greatest field of Christian mission since the Europeans crossed the Atlantic a half-millennium ago.

Robert Pickus: An American Original

The United States has lost one of its most passionately patriotic citizens, a genuine American original.

A Ukrainian Christmas-at-the-Crossroads

When Ukraine celebrated Christmas two weeks ago, there were ample reasons for pessimism about that long-suffering country’s future. But even confronted daily by a long menu of distress, the people of Ukraine have remained remarkably faithful to the 2013-14 Maidan revolution of integrity.

Dear Father: Please Stop It

Mass is far more than a social gathering; it’s an act of worship, the majesty of which should be reflected in the language of the liturgy—which is not the language of the shopping mall or the Super Bowl party.

Looking Toward November 8

A few suggestions for what Catholics in America might ponder in the run-up to the 2016 election.

Liberal Racism Bares Its Fangs

Recent remarks by liberal Catholics in the West indicate considerable bigotry toward the Church in Africa.

Christmas 2015: History within ‘History’

Christmas is where God’s revelation to the People of Israel meets God’s revelation in his Son.

Christmas and a World Upside-Down

Seeing the world through the gospels and their unique optic on reality helps bring what the world mistakenly calls “the real world” into clearer focus. That kind of “seeing” begins at Christmas.