The Left’s Latest Feel-Good Gun-Control Proposals Still Wouldn’t Help

The latest liberal calls for “commonsense” gun laws are simply moral grandstanding, and not a word of it holds up under scrutiny.


Looking Toward November 8

A few suggestions for what Catholics in America might ponder in the run-up to the 2016 election.

Escaping the Immigration Stalemate

It’s time to give up on ‘comprehensive’ reform and focus on incremental compromises that serve U.S. national interests.


Breaking the Bonds of the Past

Hiram Powers’s ‘The Greek Slave’ helped shape American arts, politics and taste.

‘Ornament & Illusion: Carlo Crivelli of Venice’ Review

It’s time art history acknowledged Carlo Crivelli’s greatness.

Liberal Racism Bares Its Fangs

Recent remarks by liberal Catholics in the West indicate considerable bigotry toward the Church in Africa.

The Christmas Revolution

Because the Christmas story has been told so often for so long, it’s easy even for Christians to forget how revolutionary Jesus’ birth was.


Republicans and the Decline of Religion

The 2016 election is an opportunity for many voters who would naturally be inclined to vote Democratic to consider a Republican, but the Republican party, judging by the polls so far, seems more determined to “send a message” than to choose a candidate who can win.

Christmas 2015: History within ‘History’

Christmas is where God’s revelation to the People of Israel meets God’s revelation in his Son.

EPPC Highlights from 2015

A look back at a sampling of the great work done by EPPC’s scholars in the past year.