When Is a Scandal Not a Scandal?

The American people must hold the Obama administration accountable to the law – starting with the scandal at the IRS.


‘Ready for Hillary’

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president is based not on any accomplishments in public office, but on identity politics.

The Maidan and the West

The Maidan movement in Ukraine offers a reminder of Europe’s highest aspirations – and a challenge to the complacency of the West.

John Paul and Francis at Yad Vashem

In their visits to the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem, Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis showed a profound understanding of the mysteries of suffering and evil.

Time for Congressional Hearings On Common Core

The proponents of the Common Core education reforms have arguably employed undemocratic and unconstitutional means to advance their aims, provoking an outcry on both the right and the left.

Dean of Contradictions

A new biography of Jonathan Swift is enlightening and amusing, but like many biographies, it struggles to render an accurate portrait through the lens of modern sensibilities.

Where the Gold Standard Act of 1984 Came From–and Why It’s Still Relevant

The debate that led to Jack Kemp’s Gold Standard Act of 1984 also explains why the agreement on gold that eluded President Ronald Reagan is now finally possible.

Reform Conservatism Should Tackle Public Sector

Americans understand that their national government is badly in need of reform. The presidential candidate who pledges to tackle the problem might attract the attention of a grateful electorate.

Book Review: ‘Why Government Fails So Often’ by Peter H. Schuck

A new book surveying the limits of American public administration makes painful reading for progressives – and offers plenty of challenges for conservatives.

Mocking Obama in Tehran

The Obama administration’s weak-willed foreign policy has emboldened Iran’s leaders.