The Trump Plan: Big Tax Hikes or Big Deficits

Trump’s pledge to reduce deficits by eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse is the most tired, canned answer in the book. It is what politicians say when they have no real ideas.

Confessions of a Heretic by Roger Scruton: What is the Best Way to Mourn?

Religions, laws and customs all provide for the ritual mourning of beloved people. But there are no clear precedents for the work of mourning when what is mourned is a nation, a civilisation or a place.


Cruz Must Be the Anti-Trump

Is there any way for Ted Cruz or John Kasich to wrest the Republican nomination from Donald Trump? With every tick of the clock, it looks less likely.

Easter is not a Question Mark

The grittiness of Lent, and the “intransigent historical claims” without which Easter makes no sense at all, should remind us that Christianity does not rest on myths or “narratives,” but on radically changed human lives whose effect on their times are historical fact.


Donald Trump Doesn’t Have the Character to Be President

People with severe ego weakness are to be pitied — but also feared. Everything Trump says and does is a form of self-medication for a damaged soul.

Silence Isn’t Savvy

The dearth of criticism of Donald Trump from Republican politicians and assorted party figures has been one of the great mysteries of this election cycle.

The Right to ‘Mobocracy’

Many early Americans thought liberty was inextricably linked with property and thus wanted to restrict the vote to the well-to-do.

How Socialists from the ’60s Primed Millennials to Feel the Bern

Distracted by the disturbing rise of Donald Trump, liberals and conservatives alike are responding far too complacently to a recrudescent socialist movement that is destined to harm our democracy.


The Man the Founders Feared

Mr. Trump’s comments, startling in a leading presidential candidate, have raised widespread concern about the path we find ourselves on. But concern about political violence, mob rule and unchecked passion is hardly new in American history.

Please Lie to Us

Politicians in a democracy have little incentive to tell voters the truth — not when voters reward them for telling lies. In due course, voters howl that they have been betrayed, but it’s a betrayal they invited.