Dr. James Davison Hunter and David Brooks at the March 2016 Faith Angle Forum

We need the serenity to accept the things that should be in the background. We need the courage to challenge the things that should be in the foreground. And we need the wisdom to know the difference.


The Next Conservative Movement

Understanding the roots and appeal of Donald Trump’s message can help us to see what the constructive next phase of the American right could look like—a decentralizing conservatism of bottom-up solutions for our increasingly fragmented society.

The Donald/Bernie Show: Shades of Hugo Chávez

Looking back at Hugo Chávez now, he seems a perfect laboratory mixture of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Catholics and Campaign 2016

Serious Catholics bring to American politics a distinctive way of thinking about public life that’s built on four core principles, drawn from the Church’s social doctrine.

Dr. James K.A. Smith at the March 2016 Faith Angle Forum

This heavy concentration of the atmosphere of immanence, this kind of claustrophobia, of living in the immanent frame will intensify a sense of living in a wasteland for subsequent generations, and many young people will begin to explore beyond the boundaries.


A Gratuitous Assault on Religious Liberty

The entire fight about religious liberty created by the administration’s mandate that employers who offer health insurance must include coverage for free access to some abortive and contraceptive drugs is a culture war of choice on the part of the Obama White House.


Trump Remains a Threat to Conservatism

It isn’t simply that Trump isn’t a conservative in the spirit of Goldwater or Reagan; it is that he has been an active opponent of conservatism long ago, recently and to this very day.

The Merciful Grace of the Truth

Why are marriage and the family in trouble? Amoris Laetitia reviews a lot of the reasons, some of which go back to Adam and Eve, and some of which are contemporary expressions of that original sin of pride.

A Party Is Only as Good as Its Principles

Going into the 2016 election cycle, Republicans had a golden opportunity. All that was needed was general consensus within the party on the important features of a governing agenda for the future, and a strong, reform-minded presidential nominee who could ride that agenda to victory in November.


A Man or a Mouse?

In responding to Donald Trump, why would conservatives, especially, want to associate themselves with a tactic so often and so successfully used against themselves?