Progressives Gnaw at the Curriculum

The undermining of the AP United States history curriculum is typical of the progressives’ work in our schools.

A Misleading Debate on Health-Care Costs

The trend toward lower health care cost inflation predates Obamacare. In time, the law’s new subsidies will push costs up, not down.

Happy Holidays from EPPC

Here’s a sampling of books by EPPC scholars that would make great gifts for thoughtful readers on your Christmas list.


The Mood of America

A new survey shows that Americans are deeply dissatisfied with the conditions of the nation (especially economically) and unusually pessimistic about the future.


Putting the “Torture Report” In Historical and Moral Context

It might elevate the public debate a bit if critics of enhanced interrogation techniques wrestled in an intellectually honest and fair-minded way with a set of questions they like to avoid.

Kowtowing to Moscow is Bad Ecumenism

Vatican efforts to foster reconciliation and full communion between Catholicism and Orthodoxy continue to be stymied by Russian Orthodox prevarications and aggressions.

A Point of View: Has Modern Art Exhausted Its Power to Shock?

It is worth asking ourselves why the cult of fake originality has such a powerful appeal to our cultural institutions, so that every museum and art gallery, and every publicly funded concert hall, has to take it seriously.

Rush Is Wrong About Government Shutdowns

Government shutdowns permit Republicans to be caricatured as irresponsible anarchists who cannot be trusted with power.

Some Early Lame-Duck Lessons

The brief lame-duck session of Congress now underway offers a first indication of what a Republican Congress might look like next year, and the early signals are disconcerting.

A Victory to Last

Conservatives who want to prevent history from repeating itself with yet another Democratic victory in 2016 should learn from previous failures to capitalize on big GOP waves.