Memorial to Waste

The farcical attempt to build an Eisenhower memorial in Washington has been an insult to the memory of an American hero.


A Healing Illness

Bret Baier’s book offers a story of joy and perseverance in the face of unexpected trials.

Oneself in Others

A memoir on the reading of Middlemarch offers some worthwhile observations, but not much in the way of original wisdom.

Getting There

Opponents of Obamacare have an opportunity to offer a better alternative, but successfully implementing new reforms will require a careful transition in order to minimize further disruption to Americans’ health care coverage.


Miracle at Philadelphia

The remarkable story of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 offers lessons for public life today.


How to be a Conservative: a Conversation with Roger Scruton

The author discusses his new book on the nature of conservatism and what it takes to preserve the things worth keeping.

‘Intermission’ in Ukraine?

The current phase of Russia’s war against Ukraine bears similarities to the events of 1938–39 in Central Europe, and Western leaders would be wise to pay attention.


Regensburg Vindicated

Pope Benedict’s 2006 lecture on the future of Islam appears increasingly prescient.

Obama’s Diplomatic Malpractice

President Obama misunderstands critics of his foreign policy and fails to see that the current disaster in Iraq is a failure of his own diplomacy.

Three Shaky Pillars of Obama Fiscal Policy

The defense cuts, Medicare reductions, and tax hikes of the Obama years are unlikely to produce lasting deficit reduction. The Obama budget legacy will thus be one of looming fiscal disaster.