Advice to the Next President

Every two months, the University of Virginia’s Miller Center will publish a set of short memos offering historical perspective and assessing some of the biggest contemporary challenges the next president will face. In his contribution to the first issue, Peter Wehner offers the next president advice on a range of matters.


Pius XII, Co-Conspirator in Tyrannicide

The new book Church of Spies does not, and cannot, settle the question of whether Pope Pius XII should have spoken out plainly and unmistakably in condemnation of the Holocaust, but the book ought to end the “Hitler’s Pope” nonsense.


Jeb Bush Offers a Smart, Conservative Obamacare Alternative

Jeb Bush has offered a health care plan that the electorate will find preferable to the government-centric focus of Obamacare.

Unlock ‘Em Up?

Many on both sides of the political spectrum are eager to leap aboard the “de-incarceration” bandwagon, but if “unlock ’em up” becomes the new conventional wisdom, more innocent people will suffer and more businesses will flee.


Still Paying the Price of Keynesian Currency

Now, as in 1929 and 2008, Americans need real protection from economic harm. But this harm is not caused by immigrants or foreigners, but by the reserve currency scheme of John Maynard Keynes, and the currency wars which his scheme has caused for a century.

On Their Honor

A way to look at dueling, then and now.


Issues Beneath Issues at Synod 2015

Beneath the visible questions regarding marriage and the family lie more basic questions of the Church’s self-understanding.


On Taxes, Trump is No Reagan

President Reagan would never have proposed something so transparently infeasible as the tax plan of Donald Trump.

Letters to a Young Connoisseur

Kenneth Clark thanked Bernard Berenson for “emancipating” him from the intellectual fashions of the age.

How Russia Outplayed America in the Middle East’s Great Game

By going all-in on the side of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the war in Syria, Putin has put Russia at the center of the great game in the Middle East.