CNBC Inadvertently Showcased the Republicans’ Best Qualities

The network demonstrated a number of traits people loathe about the press — and the candidates, most of them anyway, came out smelling like roses.

Remarks Upon Acceptance of John Paul II New Evangelization Award

EPPC Fellow Mary Rice Hasson and her husband, Kevin “Seamus” Hasson, received the 2015 Saint John Paul II Award for the New Evangelization from the Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C.

CNBC Failed American Voters. Here’s How Future Debate Moderators Can Do Better.

Some of the blame for a poor debate lies with the GOP politicians on stage, but most of the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of CNBC.

The Promise of Speaker Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan’s first remarks as Speaker of the House showed a much deeper and truer understanding of the nature of politics than we often hear, doing away with the mirage that our disagreements will evaporate if only legislators did their job well; that our political conflicts are simply based on cynical partisanship.

Rubio, Cruz, and Lee Are Wrong to Oppose the House Reconciliation Bill

Reconciliation is a powerful tool, but it can’t be used to repeal Obamacare without also replacing it.

The Saints and All of Us

The lives of the holy spouses of Lisieux are a great witness to the incredible capacity of the Catholic Church for self-renewal.

The ACA’s ‘Indexing’ Charade

Congress will inevitably backpedal on key provisions in Obamacare, at which point the law will become a massive drain on the treasury.

Indexing in the Affordable Care Act: The Impact on the Federal Budget

As more taxpayers and beneficiaries come to understand the full implications of “indexing” provisions in the Affordable Care Act, pressure will build to make significant adjustments to them. The result could be much higher spending and lower revenue than originally forecast by the Congressional Budget Office.

Social and Economic Costs of Legal Abortion

Legal abortion is the main cause of family breakdown, in not just the United States but the world, including specifically rises in rates of divorce, illegitimacy and crime, and entry of most developed nations–now including the United States–into ‘demographic winter.’

Are Young Women Enabling Young Male Stagnation?

Is it the lack of jobs for high school graduates that has made young men less “marriageable,” or is it the retreat from marriage that makes kids who grow up in unstable home less able to take advantage of job opportunities?