Beware of a Supreme Court ‘Solution’ for the Little Sisters

The Supreme Court would do great harm to religious liberty if imposed a “solution” in the Little Sisters case that produces the outcome the administration has been seeking all along.

Why Trump Loves Lewandowski

Like many cowards, Trump loves tough talk, but he prefers to issue threats from the comfort of his private jet and to let bullyboys such as his campaign manager actually get their hands dirty.

The Perils of Religious Liberty

We would be wise to remember that we require more than the freedom to be virtuous. We require the will, and the spirit, and the faith, and the humility, and the wisdom to be virtuous, too.


Hillary Clinton’s Litany of Scandal

Clinton has not been nearly as guileless as Trump in her flip-floppery. But it’s still quite a record.


Living with a Mind

I learned at school that imagination is essential to a well-nourished intellect, and that thinking divorced from any kind of artistic appreciation is at risk of losing its subject matter.


Federal Tyranny Gags GOP in Hillary’s Backyard

The Obama administration’s AFFH policy has morphed from “mere” massive regulatory overreach into a bald attempt to quash the freedom of speech of its political opponents.

Things that Can’t Change

It seems inevitable, alas, that the spin is going to continue, no matter how the pope phrases his call for the pastoral accompaniment of the divorced and civilly remarried.


A Brief Structural History of Economics

By abolishing what had previously been a PhD requirement—mastering the history of economics—for more than a generation, economists have missed rediscovering and reintegrating the most important original element in economics: the one that explains our interpersonal relations.

Our Great Easter Hope

In many respects, the Christian faith is a radical inversion of what the world deems worthy and worth celebrating.


Cruz Is the Only Candidate Who Can Take on Trump

Whoever defeats Donald Trump for the Republican nomination will have to, at some point, demonstrate the courage to tangle with him – however unpleasant those encounters may be. It’s very late, and John Kasich remains AWOL in that struggle.