How an Act of Grace Changed the Republican Party

How the Republican Party became the dominant party of the Old Confederacy – first benefiting from it, then struggling because of it, and finally distancing itself from one of the Confederacy’s most toxic symbols – is among the more fascinating political stories of modern times.

Society Exists Prior to the State, Obergefell Notwithstanding

In contrast to the reactions by some Catholic bishops to the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision, the late John Courtney Murray would have seen Obergefell for what it is: an instance of vast judicial overreach in aid of a social and political agenda, rather than a legitimate act of constitutional interpretation guided by the cool, dispassionate reason that ought to characterize judging.

Can We Still Make the Case that Mothers and Fathers Matter?

With gay marriage now the law, the message to heterosexuals is to continue to devalue the biological and social importance of mothers and fathers, and to discount the needs of children.


The Debt Is Still a Major Threat

Political leaders should take steps now to head off the debt crisis that will occur if policies are not changed. Waiting for the crisis to hit before acting would lead to much more painful austerity.


2015 Bradley Symposium: Question-and-Answer Session

Participants in the 2015 Bradley Symposium, titled “The Future of Higher Education,” respond to questions from moderator Yuval Levin and from the audience.

2015 Bradley Symposium: Remarks by Andrew Kelly

American Enterprise Institute fellow Andrew P. Kelly presents on the economics of college.

2015 Bradley Symposium: Remarks by Mitch Daniels

Purdue University President Mitch Daniels discusses the future of the American university.

2015 Bradley Symposium: Welcome by Yuval Levin

EPPC Hertog Fellow Yuval Levin welcomes guests to the 2015 Bradley Symposium and introduces the panelists.

2015 Bradley Symposium: Remarks by Alex Tabarrok

George Mason University professor Alex Tabarrok delivers a presentation on technology and higher education.

2015 Bradley Symposium: Remarks by Peter Lawler

Berry College professor Peter A. Lawler speaks on the future of liberal education.