Lessons from Dietrich von Hildebrand

The wisdom of Catholics who resisted the Third Reich offers some guidance to those today who grapple with the quandaries of political modernity.

The Media’s Irresponsible Ferguson Coverage

The effort by the left broadly, and journalists more specifically, to turn the events in Ferguson into a morality play was a shame; and in the end, it probably helped fuel the violence that occurred before and after the grand jury’s decision.

The Price of Dodd-Frank Isn’t Cheap

Dodd-Frank is the poor stepchild of Obama-era enactments, receiving far less attention than Obamacare, but its contribution to the stagnant economy deserves more recognition.

Lessons from the 1995 Strategy

To be trusted with control of the White House in 2017, Republicans will need to demonstrate that they have the strategic vision, tactical skill, and ability to execute on a coherent agenda between now and the next presidential election.

Conservatism Is Gratitude

There is no better time than Thanksgiving to reflect on the many blessings that Americans continue to enjoy, not least of all the founding principles that EPPC and its scholars have consistently sought to defend and promote.


How Our Democracy Works

A move like the executive action on immigration announced by President Obama is a natural consequence of many years during which Congress has ceded power to the executive branch.


How the ‘Reserve’ Dollar Harms America

The economic crisis of 2008-09 was similar to the crisis that triggered the Great Depression–both caused by the ‘demand duplication’ required by using the dollar as an official reserve currency.

Vatican II and the Berlin Wall

Pope John Paul II, building on Vatican II and Lumen Gentium, helped bring about a revolution of conscience that presaged the total collapse of communism in Europe.


Obama’s Will to Power

President Obama embodies the Left’s determination to achieve its policy objectives by any means necessary, no matter how unconstitutional or undemocratic.


I Dare You to Impeach Me

While Hillary Clinton will surely attempt to open some distance between herself and President Obama as she campaigns, her swift embrace of his polarizing order on immigration will make it difficult for her to present herself as anything other than Obama’s third term.