Voters Aren’t Buying

The GOP must offer a pro-growth message that appeals to Americans who already think the economic system is rigged for the rich.

Frank Wolf: An Appreciation

A distinguished advocate for the persecuted and voiceless retires from Congress.

The Voter-ID Myth Crashes

A new study shows that illegal voting by non-citizens is a widespread phenomenon.

If Ronald Reagan Were Alive Today…

Conservatives eager to lay claim to Ronald Reagan’s legacy would benefit from a fuller understanding of the principles that made him so effective.


Paul Krugman: The Dollar’s Reserve-Currency Role Is A ‘Much Over-Rated Phenomenon’

Keynesians who like Professor Krugman engage in magical thinking have never been infrequent. What is new is that they are being joined in growing numbers by Keynesians who don’t.

How to Start an Argument

The Federalist Papers set a high standard for political argument, which we all fail to reach but should all strive to approach.

Forget the Alamo

Ronald Reagan knew that victory can come only by assembling a coalition of people, not all of whom will agree on every topic. Conservatives today would do well to remember this.


Blinded by Nostalgia

Many Americans on the Left and the Right miss the relative social consensus and broadly shared values of the postwar years, but much of this is false nostalgia.

Michael Brown and Faux ‘Civil-Rights’ Victims

New details about the Michael Brown case indicate that the media has abetted a false narrative that inflames racial sentiments and obscures America’s very real progress on civil rights.

Reestimating Obamacare

The Congressional Budget Office says Obamacare will induce a downsizing of the U.S. workforce, but the agency does not include the lost federal revenue in official cost estimates of the law.