Fighting for Freedom in Iran

The Obama administration’s overtures to Tehran suggest a willingness to be deceived about the true nature of the Iranian regime.

Murphy’s Law

A new biography of Justice Scalia provides a cartoonish and incompetent account of how his political views and religious faith have purportedly influenced his judicial decisions.

Why Iraq Is A Write-Off

Because of the process by which the modern borders of countries like Iraq and Syria were established, it was only natural that they should enter into conflict with their neighbors and with the wider world.

The GOP and America’s Changing Demographics

The demographic trends shaping America require Republicans and conservatives to take up the task of appealing to groups that have not traditionally been supportive of them.

“Ordinary Time” is Mission Time

The liturgical season now called “ordinary time” is anything but ordinary; it is a divine opportunity for the Church to give the gift it received at Pentecost.

Growing Pains

Two of the authors of Room to Grow, a new book of conservative policy reform proposals, respond to some prominent critics.

Democrats’ Illiberal Attitude on Iraq

In the debate over Iraq, liberals want to silence opposing voices – but doing so requires distorting the Left’s troubled history on foreign policy.

Here Are Good Ways to Replace Obamacare, Not Simply Repeal It

It is time for the GOP to begin coalescing around a credible, workable alternative to Obamacare.

Foreign-Policy Questions for the President

President Obama’s foreign policy record raises many questions, and there seem to be few good answers.

An Open Letter to the Patriarch of Moscow

The Russian Orthodox Church should confront the moral hangover of totalitarianism, help rebuild the cultural foundations of Russian civil society, and join in full in the global quest for Christian unity.