Easter and Evangelism

The Gospels record that it took the first Christian believers a while to understand what the Resurrection meant—their fears and incomprehension bear witness to the unprecedented nature of the experience of the Risen One.

Elite Convergence

In its rush to convict the educated Left, a new book overlooks the important complicity among certain elites on the Right in the plight of non-college-educated, native-born Americans.

It’s Time for the GOP to Revisit the Housing Crisis

The Dodd-Frank legislation ignored government’s role in the 2008 financial crisis completely, merely layering new levels of regulation on banks and other businesses.


Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and the Coming Culture Wars

In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton, her team, and her party will obsess on cultural issues and attempt to divide the nation around them to a degree we have never quite seen before.

5 Reasons to Distrust the Iran Deal

Whether Iran’s leadership are just apparatchiks, or whether they truly believe what they say they believe, no one can say. But this risk is severely underestimated in the West relative to the evidence.

In Praise of James Billington

The American people, the world of learning, the U.S. Congress, and truth-seekers throughout the world have been well served by James H. Billington since his swearing in as Librarian of Congress in 1987.

Easter and the Cosmic Christ

The Resurrection of Christ wrought a great change in the order of nature as well as in the order of history — a great change in the structure of reality itself, as well as in the trajectory of the human drama.


Why Evangelicals Should Love the Pope

Of the two major contrasting approaches to public life, the one taken by Pope Francis is not only more popular but also better reflects Christ’s example.

Pope Francis

The Advantages of Being Disadvantaged

The inapt comparison of religious-liberty laws to Jim Crow-era discrimination demonstrates that victim status is the only prism through which progressives see American life.

The Church of the Left

Whether you share in the particular substantive views of progressivism or not, surely you ought to agree that it should not become our state religion.