Unhappy Anniversary

The kind of nonviolent revolution in favor of a democratic future that would have been celebrated and defended in 1989 has been betrayed, in slow motion, even as the Ukrainian revolution’s leaders have continued to plead for Western help.

Testimony Before the Georgia State Legislature On AP U.S. History

The College Board’s new Advanced Placement framework would fundamentally transform the teaching of American History.

The New Intolerance: An Adaptation of the First Annual First Things Lecture

With the tide of secularism rising, Christians in particular are faced with the challenge of protecting human dignity, objective moral values, religious liberty, and authentic freedom in the face of growing hostility toward religious faith and religious believers.

Jailhouse Feminism

Feminism is not a juggernaut of defiant liberationists successfully playing offense. It is instead a terribly deformed but profoundly felt protective reaction to the sexual revolution itself.


Injudicious Ginsburg

Justice Ginsburg’s gratuitous comments about the marriage cases pending before the Supreme Court are unethical and should require her recusal.


Islam as a Victim Civilization

The Obama administration’s refusal to speak plainly about Islamic extremism goes beyond moral equivalence; it seems to border on self-hatred.

Ukraine: Disinformation and Confusion

The considerable public confusion about the situation in Ukraine is a reflection of the success of the extraordinary Russian disinformation campaign that’s been underway for the past fifteen months.

God, Our Rights, and the Modern Liberal Mind

The notion of God-given rights is a philosophical thread that runs throughout the history of our country with astonishing consistency and, at least until now, a proposition very few people disputed.


Who Benefits from Our Inaction Abroad?

President Obama believes that once a nuclear agreement is reached, Iran will become a stabilizing power in the region and the world — and this belief has driven many of his foreign policy decisions.

Why Not Cut the Payroll Tax?

The payroll tax is heavier burden for the middle class than the income tax. Conservatives should examine creative ways to scale back this tax as part of a broader reform plan.