Democrats Can’t Be Dad

Democrats have worked hard to cultivate an image as the “caring” party, but they’ve also earned an image as the party of weakness.

Gehry’s Middle Finger

The gullible bureaucrats responsible for hiring Frank Gehry for the Eisenhower Memorial put the American taxpayer into the hands of a fashionable architect whose works, quite frankly, are already starting to look clichéd and dated.

Obama’s Cold War Replay

The opening of diplomatic relations with Cuba is the latest, and one fears, not the last in a string of preemptive concessions to vicious regimes by the Obama administration.


Between Two Synods

The ordinary synod of 2015 ought to reflect more clearly the three concerns that Pope Francis expressed in his closing address to synod 2014: a passionate concern for mission, a compassionate concern for people in difficult situations, and a committed concern for the settled truths of the Catholic faith.


Time to Start Prepping Post-Obamacare Reforms

If the Supreme Court rules against the White House in King v. Burwell, states could face a difficult choice between fixing and reinforcing Obamacare or seeing some residents lose coverage they now have. Congress should give them a third option: a viable alternative to the Affordable Care Act.


Francis, Filtered

In its coverage of Pope Francis, the mainstream media continues to filter out all the things the pope says that don’t fit the now-established “narrative.”


A Point of View: The Strangely Enduring Power of Kitsch

Modern art has been shaped, above all else, by a fear of kitsch, but modernists’ obsession with fake emotion continues to haunt their enterprise.


Obama Scuttles. America Retreats. Things Fall Apart.

Very little of the world order of which the United States has been the linchpin and guarantor will be left on January 21, 2017. Indeed, there is very little of that post-Cold War order left today.


The GOP’s Entitlement Challenge

Conservative Republicans should recognize the very real difficulties that working-class voters face and seek to devise innovative ways to address them. Doing so would address the GOP’s decades-long empathy gap and recover the party’s historic role as the natural home for the American worker.


Jeff Hardin at the November 2014 Faith Angle Forum

The Faith Angle Forum is a semi-annual conference which brings together a select group of 20 nationally respected journalists with 3-5 distinguished scholars on areas of religion, politics & public life.  “Christianity and Science: Current Disputes among the Faithful”  South Beach, Florida Speaker: Jeff Hardin, Professor and Chair of the Department of Zoology, University of Wisconsin Slide Presentation MICHAEL […]