Trump Remains a Threat to Conservatism

It isn’t simply that Trump isn’t a conservative in the spirit of Goldwater or Reagan; it is that he has been an active opponent of conservatism long ago, recently and to this very day.

The Merciful Grace of the Truth

Why are marriage and the family in trouble? Amoris Laetitia reviews a lot of the reasons, some of which go back to Adam and Eve, and some of which are contemporary expressions of that original sin of pride.

A Party Is Only as Good as Its Principles

Going into the 2016 election cycle, Republicans had a golden opportunity. All that was needed was general consensus within the party on the important features of a governing agenda for the future, and a strong, reform-minded presidential nominee who could ride that agenda to victory in November.


A Man or a Mouse?

In responding to Donald Trump, why would conservatives, especially, want to associate themselves with a tactic so often and so successfully used against themselves?

What Now? Faithful Living in Challenging Times

The public square in Western society is no longer a place where people of orthodox Christian faith can feel they belong with any degree of comfort.


It’s Time for Conservatives to Rally Around Ted Cruz

He has one amazing virtue that can’t be ignored: He is not Donald Trump. And at this dark hour in conservative politics, that is a supreme qualification to be the Republican nominee for president of the United States.

Pope Francis on Love, Marriage, and the Family

Amoris Laetitia will keep the theologians busy, analyzing its moral theology and its reading of Church tradition. All of this churning will finally work out to the good of the Church and the advance of its mission of evangelization and service, but only if the document is read in full, with the care and patience its author requests.


Run against Obama

This is a year in which the multiple failures of the Obama years should be irresistible for Republican presidential candidates. Instead, partly owing to the eccentric obsessions of Donald Trump, we’ve seen Republicans reprising debates about the wisdom of the Iraq War while ignoring the greatest foreign-policy debacles of the Obama years.

Does a Conservative Reformation Loom on the Horizon?

We conservatives face our own rendezvous with destiny, our own time for choosing. We either face up to it and finish the work we have been bequeathed, to reform conservatism in line with all of its principles and transform a negative confederation into a positive federation, or we condemn our movement to “a thousand years of darkness.”

After the “G-Word” has been Spoken

The congressional resolution and the State Department’s action declaring that what ISIS is doing to Christians in Iraq is “genocide” gives the victims of persecution hope that someone knows, and someone cares.