How Did Thomas Paine Go From Revolutionary To Welfare Statist?

In part two of his discussion with Charles Kesler, Yuval Levin explains that the Burke-Paine debate shows that America’s political inheritance is very complicated.

My Brain and I

Although today’s neuroscience would dispense with the common understanding of the mind, and much of philosophy along with it, there is a better way of understanding who human beings are.


Is Burke The Right Role Model For American Conservatives?

In this interview with Charles Kesler, Yuval Levin discusses Edmund Burke’s insights into human nature and political life in a liberal society.

Clash of Straw Men

Of all the major players in the world, the Catholic Church should be at the forefront of acknowledging the central role of culture in shaping world politics and the crucial role of religion in shaping culture.

The Culture Wars – Have We Lost?

The New York Times says it’s over: we’ve lost and they’ve won. But the statistics attesting to their culture war victory tell of brokenness and ruin–of ‘victory’ at odds with the human person’s deepest longings for what’s good, true, and beautiful.

Obama’s Strategy to Defeat ISIS Collides with Reality

More than two months after the first American air strikes against ISIS militants in Iraq, it’s worth assessing how the Obama strategy is faring.

Answering Ted Olson

Treating gay people with dignity and respect does not require undermining the institution of marriage.

The Great Catholic Cave-In that Wasn’t

The New York Times and other observers seem determined to misunderstand what is really under discussion at the Synod of Bishops.


Democrats Turn On Obama

Take a look at what members of Mr. Obama’s own party, and in some cases former members of his own administration, are saying about him.

Air Strikes Are Not Enough To Defeat ISIS

Sooner or later, Western countries will have to directly confront the grave and growing threat posed by ISIS.