From Campus Bullies to Empty Churches

There is an under-explored relationship between the well-documented decline in Western churchgoing, especially among Millennials, and the simultaneous rise of a toxic public force on campuses across the Western world: the new intolerance.


Borrowed Valor

Spawned in the Vietnam era, the modern Left cut its teeth defaming America, and prominent liberals continue to deny American soldiers their due honor.


Five Stray Thoughts on the Obama Budget

When it comes to policy, the Democrats are very much in the grip of mid-20th-century nostalgia, and still seem to be searching for the next big program to champion rather than thinking about what progressivism could look like in our time.

Evangelical Challenges for Vatican Diplomacy

The chief purpose of the Vatican’s bilateral diplomacy is to secure the freedom of the Catholic Church to be itself in the countries with which the Holy See has, or wishes to have, diplomatic relations.

More Fiscal Folly in the White House

The president’s plan expands entitlement commitments and tries to pay for them with tax hikes and spending cuts that will never last.


How Government-Run Health Care Happens

In the health system envisioned by the administration, HHS will direct how hospitals and doctors are to care for patients. If that’s not government-run health care, what is?

The Deal Obama Should Have Made With Cuba

President Obama wasted an opportunity to secure the freedom of thousands of Cuban political prisoners.


Time to Arrest the Federal Criminalization Spree

A new rule adopted by the U.S. House is an important step toward weaning Congress off its overcriminalization addiction.

Westminster Abbey and Charlie Hebdo

The vacuum in what was once the Christian culture of Western Europe has been filled by a kind of nihilism that allows jihadism to flourish.


Nonsense on ‘Sixty Minutes’

A recent TV segment on Catholic Church offered nothing but a tired old ’60s tune.