An Emerging Consensus: Medicare Advantage Is Working And Can Deliver Meaningful Reform

The debate over Medicare is changing. It is now possible to envision bipartisan reforms that build on the success of the Medicare Advantage program.

How Republicans Can Improve Higher Education

Higher education is an arena in which misguided federal policy causes many families great anxiety and exacts enormous costs — and where conservative principles put into practice could make for great improvements.

A Republican Congress

Republicans should see that the new arrangement of powers in Washington allows them (and requires them) to spend the next two years putting forward elements of their public case and policy agenda and preparing the ground to take the presidency.

As Marriage Culture Collapses, Liberals Want to Sterilize Poor and Minority Women

The collapse of marriage — combined with high rates of unwed birth — has given liberals an opening to push long-term, “temporary” sterilization as the “default” approach for low- and middle-income young women and minorities.

Exploded Into Being by Divine Love

The new cosmology makes possible a new dialogue between physics and theology, or, more broadly, between science and religion.

Who Can Save Europe’s Jews? Only Its Christians.

George Weigel responds to Robert Wistrich’s recent analysis of rising anti-Semitism in France.

Don’t Bring Back the Judicial Filibuster

Republican senators would engage in a profoundly foolish and destructive diversion if they undertook to reinstate the filibuster for lower-court nominees.

Choices We Don’t Want Women to Make

President Obama, faithful foot soldier of the Left, is eager to free women from child-care responsibilities.

The Election and What It Means

A forecast for Election Day 2014 – and a look at how conservatives and Republicans should put the lessons this midterm teaches to good use in 2016.

Should Politics Be a Proxy for Character?

In spite of the increasing politicization of daily life, the good new is that for most people, most of life is – and the most important things in life are – lived outside of the arena of politics.