The Next Great Education Debate

The College Board’s determination to issue detailed curriculum frameworks for all of its AP exams, in combination with the expansion of the AP program over the past decade or so, has brought the United States to the threshold of something nobody claims to want: a national curriculum.


The Abortion Debate as a Budget Debate

There is little question that Democrats will staunchly resist any effort to deny funding to Planned Parenthood, and there is little doubt they would take that fight to a shutdown if Republicans propose to deny such funds in the budget. The question is what Republicans should do then. And the answer should be based on what would best advance the larger pro-life cause.

Remembering “The Few”

The magnificent stories of the heroes of the Battle of Britain are now largely forgotten.

Hostility toward Hispanics Would Be Suicide for Republicans

With an inclusive message, there’s no limit to what Republicans might achieve, even on restricting immigration.

Health Care Reform From the Bottom Up

States should move forward with Medicaid and other reforms that demonstrate what would be possible without excessive federal interference and control.

Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services and Medicaid Reform

A report arguing that Nebraska should chart a new and better course for the Medicaid program by proceeding with reforms on two tracks.

Ezekiel Emanuel’s Confused Health-Care Argument

Ezekiel Emanuel is wrong that the health-care reform plans offered by Scott Walker and Marco Rubio would result in much higher premiums for the middle class.

Clinton, Trump and the Politics of Self-Destruction

Donald Trump, if he were to win the nomination, would do catastrophic damage to the Republican Party. But the Democratic Party, if it were to nominate Hillary Clinton, would be inviting a different kind of disaster.

Money and Inequality

Though most economic inequality–both between and within countries–is due to differences in what Nobel economics laureate Theodore W. Schultrz called ‘human capital’,’ the current monetary system also breeds systematic economic inequality among American households.

An Epistolary Romp Through Catholicism

A new version of Letters to a Young Catholic takes readers to some new stops on a tour of the vast, endlessly fascinating world of Catholicism.