Hillary Clinton’s Poor Judgment

A recent email scandal is only the latest chapter in Hillary Clinton’s long history of flawed judgment at the executive level.

Be Prepared

King v. Burwell could be an enormous opportunity for those opposed to Obamacare. But it will only offer such an opportunity if conservatives are prepared to give the states a serious alternative arrangement.

Whose Republicans?

Today’s conservatives must follow Reagan’s example and reapply their principles to meet today’s economic and political realities.


No Fighting God

Lent—the Christian walk to Jerusalem with the Lord who meets his destiny there in complete submission to the Father’s will—is an annual reminder that God is God and we aren’t.


The Lessons of Hillary Clinton’s Secrecy

The revelation of the secret email account that Hillary Clinton used as Secretary of State is a reminder of her long history of obsessive secrecy and administrative confusion.


Let’s Embrace Competition In Advanced-Placement Testing

In the battle over the College Board’s Advanced Placement “framework,” the real issue is whether the curriculum will teach a dogmatic progressivism or introduce students to a variety of opinions about the individuals, ideas and institutions that shaped American history.


Government Is Not The Enemy

Too often, Republicans express a purely negative vision of government. This is both politically perilous and intellectually inadequate.


Some Uncomfortable Questions for Democratic Candidates

Any Republican who imagined that the sickening double standard that the press applies to Democrats and Republicans would have been sated by six years of genuflection to Obama should now be fully awake.


World Christianity by the Numbers

Some of the data about the spread of global Christianity are encouraging; others are discouraging; many of them are important for grasping the nature of this particular moment in Christian history.


The Mobility Crisis

Upward mobility requires not only a strong economy but also strong families and communities and a supportive culture, and conservatives are far better positioned than liberals to take up the challenge.