A War of Ideas

Just as they frequently gave the Soviets and other Communists the benefit of the doubt during the Cold War, the Left today refuses to grapple with the meaning of Islamist ideology.

The Battle for U.S. History

At some point, Common Core may attempt to adopt objectionable history standards. That hasn’t happened yet. In the meantime, the College Board is the battlefield.

“What We Have Loved, Others Will Love, and We Will Teach Them How”

Teaching others to love what is worth loving, to have the human heart drawn to what is good and beautiful and true, is the great task for conservatives and the great task of civilization.

A Point of View: How Do We Know Real Art When We See It?

Beauty, form, and redemption are the elements of every true work of art.


Africa’s Catholic Moment

The most important Catholic event of 2014 was the dramatic moment when Africa’s bishops emerged as effective, powerful proponents of dynamic orthodoxy in the world Church.

Debating Economics

There will be room for the GOP candidates for president to criticize the Obama economy even if strong growth occurs in 2015.

The Abortion Distortion

Jonathan Gruber’s thesis that abortion caused America’s crime drop is almost certainly false. But what’s more revealing is the casual readiness to calculate lost lives as so many numbers on a balance sheet.


To Defend the Disposable

To surrender, supinely, before the aggressors in the culture wars—including the eugenicists—is a betrayal of the Gospel and a betrayal of the Church’s evangelical mission.

Christmas and the Humbling of the Wise Men

The familiar Christmas story and its well-known cast of characters shed light on a year in which the Church has been roiled by contention between today’s shepherds and today’s Magi: between those who, today, hear angels singing, and those whose experience of the faith has been thoroughly “demythologized” and intellectualized.

A Christian Defense Of Israel

The Palestinian people are suffering – but the reasons they suffer are fundamentally a creation not of Israel but of failed Palestinian leadership, which from beginning to end has been characterized by staggering corruption, brutality, oppression and anti-Semitism.