A Market-Based Contingency Plan for King v. Burwell

If the Supreme Court rules for the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell, Congress will have the opportunity to address some of shortcomings of Obamacare. A properly constructed plan could provide secure insurance coverage to those affected by the decision without the mandates and heavy regulation of Obamacare.

AFFH: Admission of Stealth Caught on Video

Evidence suggests that the Obama administration is trying to quietly implement a rule that would dramatically undercut the independence of local governments, would mean significant population transfers across metropolitan areas, and would force densified development on suburbs and cities alike.

America’s Next ‘Minister of Culture’: Don’t Politicize the Appointment

The retiring Librarian of Congress, James H. Billington, leaves a challenging and impressive legacy on which his successor, who will be nominated by the president and must be confirmed by the Senate, ought to build.

Too Cool in the Capital

The National Portrait Gallery does best when it focuses on high-caliber artists, rather then pandering to its visitors with exhibitions that attempt to be “cool.” Elsewhere in the capital, the Eisenhower Memorial Commission continues to lurch along.

The Use and Abuse of Originalism

Some libertarians sometimes invite the suspicion that their commitment to originalism is opportunistic—that, for them, originalism is something to be invoked and to be twisted, this way and that, to constitutionalize their policy preferences.

Why Christians Are So Upset About Same-Sex Marriage

At the end of the day, same-sex marriage acted as a catalyst for all sorts of other trends that made Christians realize just how little work they had done, and just how much they still have to do.

The Man Who Loved Hitler

A new biography of Josef Goebbels depicts a man consumed by personal ambition, the fate of German culture, and the raving hatred propagated by his master.

Have You Ever Been Wrong?

Partisanship shapes our attitudes, probably much more than we like to admit. Many of us aren’t nearly as independent-minded as we like to think.

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing: Sleeper Presidential Campaign Issue

Republicans are fighting to block an Obama administration rule that repudiates the core principles of our constitutional system by allowing the federal government to effectively usurp the zoning powers of local governments.

How the GOP Can Outmaneuver Dems on Higher-Ed Reform

The deeper problem with higher education today is that the system Democrats have put in place steers benefits to those who don’t need them while leaving many others with no good options.