Feminist Lies about Sexual Assault

The lies about human nature that fueled the sexual revolution have also contributed to the campus sexual assault problem.

Time to Break the College Board’s AP Testing Monopoly

What happens when a government-subsidized educational monopoly violates the public trust?


Wanted: A Synod of Affirmation

The upcoming Synod of Bishops should emphasize the beauty of the Christian understanding and experience of marriage.

The Real ‘Party of the Rich’

Every Republican candidate should make it his constant goal to upend the image of the party as favoring the rich.

Why is the Middle East Failing? Because There Are Too Many Young Men, and No Women

Responding to the challenge of radical Islam requires confronting a super-abundance of young men in the grip of puritanical self-righteousness.

Explosive Business in North Dakota

A North Dakota university has a bright future as one of the leaders of Catholic higher education reform.

A Pessimistic Case for Hope

A clearer sense of the limits of human nature should help traditionalists see not only why traditionalism never triumphs in the liberal society but also why progressivism can never suffice.

The Senate and the Courts

President Obama has been remarkably successful in reshaping the federal courts, and this year’s Senate election will determine whether Republicans can begin restoring the courts to their proper role.


Is It Ever Okay to Spank?

It may be time to reconsider whether using physical punishment is appropriate for teaching children right from wrong.

Reforming the Budget Process

A better federal budget process could lower some of the political and legislative obstacles to entitlement reform, even if it cannot remove them altogether.