Remember ‘Reconciliation’? The GOP Can Move an Agenda without Democratic Support

Republicans in Congress should use the budget reconciliation process to pass an agenda that is difficult for the president to veto.

Castro and the Pope: A Real Conversion?

What might the evidence of a genuine “conversion” on the part of Raúl Castro and the totalitarian regime he leads look like?

Does the Washington Post Have a Pro-Life Mole?

What to make of the resolutely pro-choice Washington Post’s lengthy Style-section travelogue following a woman who drove 407 miles to obtain a second-trimester abortion?


John Paul II and “America”

John Paul II hoped that, were the Church in the two halves of the Americas to think of itself as one, single “subject” of a first, great evangelization, it might be better prepared, spiritually and imaginatively, to undertake the new evangelization as a common enterprise.

The Pontifical Spin Cycle

The non-stop brouhaha over the pope’s impending “environmental” encyclical — the pre-spin that has one camp exultant and another in darkest despair — seems quite out of proportion to what we actually know, ahead of time, about the Catholic Church, environmental issues, and the encyclical-to-come.


Sorry, Media, but Hillary is Incompetent

What exactly are Mrs. Clinton’s achievements – her concrete, tangible, exceptional achievements – as First Lady, senator, and secretary of state?

Plague Days in Baltimore

The results of several generations of anarchy ushered in by the Sexual Revolution have been on display in Baltimore this past week.


The Spirit of Jewish Conservatism

Both in America and in Israel, the liberal faith of too many Jews has imperiled the Jewish future. Needed is a serious, thoughtful, and authentically Jewish alternative.


A Seventh Note

A new book on the siege of Leningrad does valuable service to the city’s years of supreme ordeal and the famous tribute by the composer Dmitri Shostakovich.

On the Couch

A new book by psychiatrist Theodore Dalrymple takes steady aim at modern pseudoscientific explanations that excuse and rationalize immoral behavior.