How to Tell Your Children About a Terrorist Attack

Your children will encounter evil one day. Better for them to be prepared by you, and to be prepared honestly.


Excerpt from “Can Catholic Women Lean In? Working Women in the Church”

The Church could not possibly image God’s presence to the faithful without the complementary gifts of women being brought to bear on ministry, evangelization, and service.

The Errors of the Militant Atheist

We have arrived at a peculiar moment when our elite institutions and discourse seem to be utterly ignorant of their own philosophical and cultural legacy.

Special Snowflakes? Or Fascists?

Congratulations Yale, and Missouri, and American academia in general, you’ve succeeded in undermining the ethic of free inquiry, disinterested scholarship, and certainly anything like decent manners.


John Paul II’s “Beloved Krakow”

To traverse their city with John Paul II and the many other saints of Kraków is to follow an itinerary of sanctity.


Chris Christie Recycles a Tired Leftist Attack on Pro-Lifers

In his comments on drug addiction, Chris Christie echoes a tired and familiar charge from the left that functions as a cheap shot at pro-lifers.

What the Republican Debates Should Be About

The moderators of the next GOP presidential debate should steer the conversation toward their substantive disagreements, not trivialities or personal attacks and accusations.


Why We Should Defend the Right to be Offensive

Free speech can make for uncomfortable listening, but it needs to be defended even when it gives offense.


“It’s Marriage, Stupid!”

Especially in context of the 2016 presidential election, in which ‘Inequality’ has emerged as perhaps the foremost issue, we must recast James Carville’s 1992 trope, ‘The Economy Stupid.’ Whether at the global, national, state or local community levels, even on the economy, ‘It’s Marriage, Stupid.’

Reviving the Senate

A lot of the attention of people who worry about congressional dysfunction has been focused on the House in recent years—for some good reasons and some bad ones. But if the problem is that Congress ultimately isn’t legislating, or isn’t acting to assert itself in the constitutional system, the Senate has surely been the bigger obstacle.