The French Counter-Revolution

La Manif Pour Tous, the mass-protest movements against France’s Socialist government’s same-sex marriage bill, put more than a million people on the streets, won real concessions from the government, and more importantly created a new sense of a young, eager and growing Catholic social conservative movement in France.


A Real Budget for the Federal Government

The federal budget process should be amended to give the executive and legislative branches the opportunity to reach agreement on a budget plan, however infrequently that might occur.


A Life in the Public Square

Randy Boyagoda’s biography of Richard John Neuhaus is an authentic and compelling portrait of a man who had as much influence as any in the 20th century on the place of religion in American public life.

How Conservatives Can Win the Debate on Early Childhood Education

Conservatives should put some meat on their pro-family rhetoric, not just point out the cost-benefit problems of universal preschool.


The Difference Cardinal George Made

Cardinal Francis George was a man with the authority to “speak for the Church,” and to get his brother bishops to bracket their differences and act as one for the good of the Church.

Catholic Women Speak Out

A conversation about a new book of essays by Catholic women and the need for complementarity and collaboration between men and women in the Church and society today.


Bench Memos Turns Ten

EPPC’s President talks about the Bench Memos blog’s impact on judicial nominations and the wide array of readers who depend on Bench Memos for insightful analysis.


Remember ‘Reconciliation’? The GOP Can Move an Agenda without Democratic Support

Republicans in Congress should use the budget reconciliation process to pass an agenda that is difficult for the president to veto.

Castro and the Pope: A Real Conversion?

What might the evidence of a genuine “conversion” on the part of Raúl Castro and the totalitarian regime he leads look like?

Does the Washington Post Have a Pro-Life Mole?

What to make of the resolutely pro-choice Washington Post’s lengthy Style-section travelogue following a woman who drove 407 miles to obtain a second-trimester abortion?