The GOP Must Use the Reconciliation Option Prudently

Last November, voters gave Republicans full control of Congress for the first time in eight years. The GOP should the most powerful tool at its disposal — budget reconciliation — to advance an agenda that’s right for the current moment.

A Mission of Love

The upcoming World Meeting of Families is a great opportunity to bring the Christian idea of chastity into clearer focus.

Conservatives and the Need for an Appealing Governing Philosophy

Republican primary voters should choose the conservative candidate best able to articulate and implement an appealing public philosophy for life in the 21st century.


Don’t Trust Obama on Iran

President Obama has repeatedly warned of the dangers of Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon, but he has shown that he cannot be trusted to prevent it from happening.


George Weigel Interviewed on the Second Anniversary of Pope Francis’s Election

George Weigel talks with National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez about Pope Francis’s first two years and the future of the Catholic Church around the world.

Pope Francis

Keeping Catholic Schools Catholic

Will the Church be allowed to staff its schools with teachers who teach and live what the Catholic Church believes and teaches, hiring those who meet those criteria and declining to employ those who don’t? Or will the state try to coerce Catholic schools to employ teaching staff according to other criteria?

When Hillary’s Server Meets Obama’s Pen

President Obama’s abusive expansion of executive authority has handed Hillary Clinton a path around the sort of compromises she never wanted to make to begin with.

Modernizing Congress’s Scorekeepers

The Joint Committee on Taxation and the Congressional Budget Office should employ a more modern approach that will enable the next generation of policymakers to address new challenges.

On a Mission to the World

Francis’s papacy has put a fresh face on Catholicism and opened up new vistas for the Church’s mission.

Lenin Meets Corleone

Vladimir Putin is best understood as a Russian-based global Mafia don who has refined the Vito Corleone model with a Leninist political methodology, enhanced by the new propaganda methods of social media and by classic appeals to a stern form of Russian nationalism.