Is Hillary Clinton Finished?

With the FBI driving the extraordinary investigation into her private email server, things may get a whole lot less pretty for Hillary Clinton.

Walker, Rubio Health Plans Renew Reaganism for Our Age

New health care proposals by Republican candidates mark a monumental development for both the campaign and for the conservative movement, one that breathes Ronald Reagan’s soul into the Republican nomination fight.

The Deeper Issue at the Synod

The Kasper approach to moral theology, which is reflected in the German and Swiss bishops’ reports to the upcoming Synod, absolutizes history to the point that it relativizes and ultimately demeans revelation—the “sacred givens” that are the permanent structure of Christian life.


Why MPs Have a Duty to Resist Online Petitions

The lesson of history, that mass movements threaten freedom, is a lesson that will never be learned. This is why we have parliaments, with their complex procedures, committees and reviews.

Three Actual — and Actually Good — Plans to Replace Obamacare

Both the Walker and Rubio plans for health care are based on the view that health care in the United States will be better, of higher quality, and less costly if important decisions are left with consumers, employers, and the states.


Rubio on Health Care

The basic logic of Marco Rubio’s Obamacare replacement plan is very similar to Scott Walker’s, and to what most conservatives have had to say about health care reform in recent years, but a key difference is his treatment of the tax exclusion for employer-provided insurance.

The Walker Health Care Plan

Scott Walker has offered the most substantively and politically serious conservative health care reform we have yet seen from a presidential candidate, and hopefully it will spur some more to come.

The Little Details and the Big Picture

The details of the 2016 presidential race at this point—the day by day turns and twists—probably won’t turn out to be all that important in the long run. But some general patterns gradually becoming evident could well offer some hints of where the election is headed.

How Zinn Gets In: Road to a National Curriculum

Slowly but surely, the College Board, sponsor of the controversial 2014 and 2015 AP U.S. history (APUSH) frameworks, is becoming an unelected national school board, setting curricula—and just as important—largely replacing states and localities as the shaper of both textbooks and teacher training at the high school level.

When Faith Repairs Broken Lives

How the public face of Christianity is in some respects quite at odds with the less well-known – and I would argue the much more prevalent and authentic — face of Christianity.