How ‘The Stupid Party’ Earned Its Name

A new book explains how conservatism has become both unable to argue rather than assert and uninterested in persuading Americans who are not already true believers to join the cause.

Robert Pickus: An American Original

The United States has lost one of its most passionately patriotic citizens, a genuine American original.

Instead of ObamaCare: Giving Health-Care Power to the People

Republicans have the opportunity this election year to demonstrate they have concrete plans to reverse ObamaCare and implement reforms based on consumer, not government, control.

Feminism and Abortion: What Would Susan Say?

Equality arguments for abortion rights are so commonplace today that perhaps we don’t see the tragic ironies as our forbearers, Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, would have seen them. The suffragists presumed that the evil of abortion would be abolished by the elevation of women; today’s feminists assert that women’s elevated status depends upon the right to sacrifice the vulnerable.

Conservatives against Trump: Yuval Levin on Trump’s “Shallow Narcissism”

Donald Trump poses a direct challenge to conservatism, because he embodies the empty promise of managerial leadership outside of politics.

Conservatives against Trump: Mona Charen on the GOP “Con Man”

Trump has made a career out of egotism, while conservatism implies a certain modesty about government. The two cannot mix.

Republican Hemlock Society

If today’s Republican Party were organized, if its storied “establishment” were even a shadow of the leviathan its detractors claim, the world would look very different. Instead, the vulgarian unguided missile atop the polls gets a pass from everyone about everything.

Against Defeatism, Against Trump

Undoubtedly, serious differences of interest and conviction play a role in Republican divisions, and politicians will always tend to run from risky battles. But the abject surrender of congressional Republican leaders goes well beyond ordinary political caution to defeatism pure and simple.

To Attract Disillusioned Voters, the GOP Must Understand Their Concerns

The constituency that is rallying to Trump is not fully conservative, but it shares more values with conservatives than do any of the other constituencies that could possibly be enticed to join our cause.


The Sanders Repeal-and-Replace Plan

The most vocal proponent of repealing and replacing Obamacare on the presidential campaign trail is Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.