Review: ‘Cowardice: A Brief History,’ by Chris Walsh

A new book offers a social and cultural survey of attitudes toward cowardice during various periods of American history.

To See Things As They Are

The Church, in its public life, puts everything into proper perspective through its witness to the truth about the human person, human community, human origins, and human destiny.

The President’s Post-Obama Agenda

The substantive core of the most recent State of the Union address, such as it was, did not involve a president laying out policy goals for the next two years. It involved a politician looking to reframe some key debates to better prepare his party for the next election cycle.

Needed: A Republican Agenda for the Middle Class

Republicans at every level must articulate how a conservative vision of government could speak to today’s public, and especially middle class, concerns – and to then show how such a vision would translate into concrete policy reforms in some of the most important arenas of public life.

MLK and the American Founding

Among his great contributions was that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. saw great injustice and sought to confront it within the American political tradition.

The Reform Tightrope

To be successful, the GOP presidential candidates must find language that conveys both a determination to pursue economic reforms and an attentiveness to the struggles of low and moderate income families.


Owning Our Baptism

Catholics would do well to remember, as St. John Paul II understood, that the most important day of a believer’s life is the day of his baptism.

Rand Paul Is Wrong: Judicial Restraint Is Right

Senator Rand Paul makes a bad case in support of “judicial activism.”


Conservatives in Name Only

Conservatism is famously anti-utopian, understanding life’s imperfections and the limitations of politics. Knowing this, those on the right shouldn’t become enraged or forlorn when the world itself doesn’t fully conform to their hopes.


A War of Ideas

Just as they frequently gave the Soviets and other Communists the benefit of the doubt during the Cold War, the Left today refuses to grapple with the meaning of Islamist ideology.