Obama’s Strategy to Defeat ISIS Collides with Reality

More than two months after the first American air strikes against ISIS militants in Iraq, it’s worth assessing how the Obama strategy is faring.

Answering Ted Olson

Treating gay people with dignity and respect does not require undermining the institution of marriage.

The Great Catholic Cave-In that Wasn’t

The New York Times and other observers seem determined to misunderstand what is really under discussion at the Synod of Bishops.


Democrats Turn On Obama

Take a look at what members of Mr. Obama’s own party, and in some cases former members of his own administration, are saying about him.

Air Strikes Are Not Enough To Defeat ISIS

Sooner or later, Western countries will have to directly confront the grave and growing threat posed by ISIS.

Progressives’ Flight from Reality

The supposedly “pro-science” Left increasingly insists on denying the most basic facts of biology.

The Indelible Lessons of Auschwitz

The persistence of anti-Semitism in Europe and the Middle East underscores the importance of remembering the horrors of the Holocaust.


Notre Dame Honors Russia’s New Martyrs

An impressive new project introduces English-speakers to some modern Russian heroes of faithful discipleship.

Taking the Long Way

For a liberal society to flourish, citizens must be formed by habits of thought and practice that prepare them for the duties and responsibilities of freedom.


Hispanic Voters and the American Dream

Regardless of how GOP candidates perform in the midterms, the party must redouble its efforts to appeal to Hispanic voters.