Ukrainian Lessons for the West

The Maidan “revolution of dignity” in Ukraine has reminded those with eyes to see and ears to hear of truths that form the moral and cultural foundation of the Western experiment in democracy and ordered liberty.

Ecumenism and Russian State Power

For the past year, top leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church have functioned as agents of Russian state power in matters having to do with Ukraine.

Obama’s Perverse Moral Compass

President Obama continues to insult, snub, and humiliate Israel while secretly and increasingly openly courting the terror regime in Iran.

Inequality Matters

Thomas Piketty’s proposed solution for wealth inequality would lead to massive accumulations of power in the hands of the ‘expert advisors’ — in other words in the hands of people like Piketty.

Ukraine Rising

George Weigel talks with Major-Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk about the quest for a new and reformed Ukraine.

The Triumph of De-Demonization

The Democrats’ tactic of demonizing Republicans has not just run its course, but it’s also beginning to boomerang.

Health Care Policy After The Mid-Term Elections

The GOP Congress won’t be able to repeal Obamacare over the next two years. But it can make progress toward that goal with smart incremental changes and development of a sound replacement plan.

An Emerging Consensus: Medicare Advantage Is Working And Can Deliver Meaningful Reform

The debate over Medicare is changing. It is now possible to envision bipartisan reforms that build on the success of the Medicare Advantage program.

How Republicans Can Improve Higher Education

Higher education is an arena in which misguided federal policy causes many families great anxiety and exacts enormous costs — and where conservative principles put into practice could make for great improvements.

A Republican Congress

Republicans should see that the new arrangement of powers in Washington allows them (and requires them) to spend the next two years putting forward elements of their public case and policy agenda and preparing the ground to take the presidency.