Knowing the Trinity

In strictest theological definition, the Trinity is a “mystery”: a truth which can never be fully comprehended by reason, but which can be known to be true in love.

The Imprint of Battle

A Virginia Museum of Fine Arts exhibition of high-quality etchings, engravings, lithographs and dry points, all accompanied by helpful explanatory labels, chronicle World War I from the British Isles to the deserts of the Near East.

EPPC’s American Religious Freedom Program Spins Off 1st Amendment Partnership

The Ethics and Public Policy Center is pleased to announce that its American Religious Freedom Program has given rise to the launch of the 1st Amendment Partnership, an independent organization dedicated to promoting and protecting religious freedom in America.

Health Care Half-Truths from Senator Pryor

A majority of voters oppose the Affordable Care Act because of what it is doing to the quality of American health care. Political ads — such as a new one from Senator David Pryor – will not change this reality.

The Latest Step in the HHS Mandate Saga: The Non-Accommodation Is Still Not a Solution

The employers fighting the HHS mandate should not accept the Obama administration’s latest offer of an “accommodation” because it is does not offer a genuine solution.

How the College Board Politicized U.S. History

The College Board’s new and vastly more detailed guidelines can only be interpreted as an attempt to hijack the teaching of U.S. history on behalf of a leftist political and ideological perspective.

A Closer Look at Medicare

Obamacare did not solve Medicare’s problems. It made them worse with deceptive accounting and cuts that will harm access to care for senior citizens.

Why Politics Matters

Politics at its deepest level is about advancing justice, which is why it matters so much.

Why We Dehumanize Political Opponents

Objective truth exists. But our ability to apprehend it is more difficult than we often imagine.

Ann Coulter’s Absurd Defense

Ann Coulter, in trying to defend her attacks on Dr. Kent Brantly, is misleading and cynical.