Cardinal Francis George, R.I.P.

When it comes time to write his story in full, he will be remembered as the most consequential archbishop of Chicago in the modern history of the Church — and a leader in American Catholicism whose intellectual and physical courage was instrumental in making the Church in the United States, for all its challenges and problems, the most vital in the developed world.

Why Is Obama Parroting Castro Talking Points?

Had President Obama been interested in reforming the Cuban regime, he could have asked for it; instead, he asked for and received nothing in exchange for everything the Castros wanted.


The Good of Corporations

The issue of whether the rights and duties of the corporation are in any way comparable to those of the individual citizen connects with deep moral issues concerning the place of free association and the experience of membership in the life of the individual.

Newman and Vatican II

Vatican II vindicated John Henry Newman’s great work on the development of doctrine, which grew from a theological method that brought history, and indeed life itself, back into play as sources of reflection and growth in our understanding of God’s revelation.


Hillary Clinton’s Common Core Problem

The candidate whose support for Common Core could be most personally perilous—and most consequential for the larger 2016 race—is Hillary Clinton.


The Fix to the ‘Doc Fix’ Is No Fix at All

The new physician-payment system approved by Congress will give the Medicare bureaucracy even more control over the practice of medicine.

Getting No Respect: Blue-Collar Voters

Working-class discontent continues to grow and gather steam, fracturing and reordering politics in virtually every country.

Take Them at Their Word

Among progressives there is a reflex to downplay and dismiss the grotesque anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism that is a routine part of the rhetoric of the Iranian regime.

Probing the Heart of French Malaise

France is in the throes of a unique cultural moment — one that stretches way beyond the soul-searching debates over Islamist violence and Muslim integration, or arguments over its economic travails, fractious labor politics and troubling brain drain.


Apartment Hunting in Paris Reminds Me Why I’m a Conservative

Well-meaning lefties reassure themselves that they are doing God’s work by punishing landlords and passing well-intentioned regulations, while the very people they are trying to help are left poorly housed (or not housed at all) by their policies.