Hamas’s Triumph

Hamas has succeeded in stirring anti-Semitism around the world, even as it kills Israelis and uses Palestinians as human shields.

2014 Bradley Symposium: Remarks by Henry Olsen

EPPC Senior Fellow Henry Olsen spoke about some of the trends that likely will shape American politics over the next decade at the 2014 Bradley Symposium, titled “America’s Prospects: Promise and Peril.”

Shipwreck and Mission

The church would do well to recover a sense of how its mission is bound up with the inevitable calamities that befall it.

Renewing Culture

Festivals of art and literature in England, Virginia, and elsewhere greatly enrich the social and economic life of rural communities.


The Despot in the Kremlin

To pretend that Vladimir Putin is anything other than a despot is to ignore massive evidence of his viciousness.


The GOP’s Cleveland Convention Opportunity

The GOP’s choice for its 2016 convention site presents a good opportunity to highlight Republican solutions to failed Democratic governance.

St. John Paul II, Europe and Church Reform: 10 Questions for George Weigel

George Weigel talks with America Magazine about the state of the Catholic Church and the challenges and opportunities it faces in Europe and around the world.

The Lethality of the Big Lie

The shootdown of a Malaysia Airlines jet over Eastern Ukraine is further proof that democratic regime change in Russia is the only hope for peace.


Medicare Isn’t Fixed

The across-the-board payment cuts in Medicare included in the Affordable Care Act could impair access to care for seniors. They will not bring about the transformation of Medicare that is needed.

An Eminent Distortion of History

Despite the vindication of John Paul II’s approach to communism in Eastern Europe, there remains a persistent misunderstanding within certain quarters of the Vatican regarding the Church’s role in world affairs.