Why Politics Matters

Politics at its deepest level is about advancing justice, which is why it matters so much.

Why We Dehumanize Political Opponents

Objective truth exists. But our ability to apprehend it is more difficult than we often imagine.

Ann Coulter’s Absurd Defense

Ann Coulter, in trying to defend her attacks on Dr. Kent Brantly, is misleading and cynical.

Ann Coulter’s Casual Cruelty

Ann Coulter, in attacking a Christian missionary who contracted the Ebola virus, demonstrated both cruelty and biblical illiteracy.

The Nasty, Brutish World of Richard Dawkins

The evolutionary biologist and prominent atheist Richard Dawkins believes we have a moral obligation to abort Down syndrome children. Which makes him a moral fool.

The Immigration Middle Ground

A true compromise on immigration policy must be designed not to meet the political requirements of building an elite coalition, but to address the problems of our immigration system and the needs of the country.

Is History Really Over?

Democracy and the free economy are not machines that can run by themselves; it takes a certain critical mass of citizens, living certain habits of mind and heart, to make them work properly.

“The Tide of War is Receding,” “We Don’t Do Stupid [Stuff],” and Other Myths

President Obama’s statements on foreign policy over the past several years stand in stark contrast with the facts on the ground in the Middle East and elsewhere.


The GOP Needs Realistic Expectations for Governing from Congress

Changing direction on economic policy, including health care, is going to require a Republican president. Republicans in Congress should keep that in mind when planning their 2015 agenda.


The Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Canard

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency causes Palestinians to live as permanent victims, using money that would be better spent helping refugees around the world.