St. John Paul II, Europe and Church Reform: 10 Questions for George Weigel

George Weigel talks with America Magazine about the state of the Catholic Church and the challenges and opportunities it faces in Europe and around the world.

The Lethality of the Big Lie

The shootdown of a Malaysia Airlines jet over Eastern Ukraine is further proof that democratic regime change in Russia is the only hope for peace.

Medicare Isn’t Fixed

The across-the-board payment cuts in Medicare included in the Affordable Care Act could impair access to care for seniors. They will not bring about the transformation of Medicare that is needed.

Narrow Windows

A narrowly-focused exhibition of Andrew Wyeth’s works at the National Gallery in Washington offers some highlights, but many visitors will find it confusing or disappointing.

‘The Bear Is Loose’

Vladimir Putin’s Russia continues to cast a dark shadow over Eastern Europe, while Western leaders seem oblivious to the nature of the threat.

Obama’s Psychological Tapestry

Barack Obama’s psychological profile helps to explain his failed presidency.

How to Fight Sexual Assault

The hook-up culture on college campuses makes female students vulnerable to irresponsible men – but the solutions offered by the left are inadequate.

A Health Reform Framework: Breaking Out Of The Medicaid Model

It is possible to provide better health care for poor and lower-income households without reliance on the flawed Medicaid model of insurance coverage.

The Idealism and Realism of the American Founders

America needs idealists and realists, those who can dream and those who can pass legislation.

The Uses of Monarchy

The institution of the monarchy still has much to offer, even in a democratic age.