Ethics & Public Policy Center

American Religious Freedom


Brian W. Walsh, Executive Director

Kerry Troup, Communications Director

Tim Schultz, State Legislative Policy Director

Phil Bell, Deputy Policy Director

Grace Trent, Executive Assistant

Brooke Cook, Program Coordinator

TJ Whittle, Research and Digital Media Specialist

EPPC’s American Religious Freedom program is devoted to protecting and strengthening the inherent religious freedoms of Americans of all faiths. We work to inculcate a sound understanding of America’s religious freedoms among state and national government officials, the media, the legal and academic communities, and the public. We have been instrumental in forming the nation’s first religious freedom caucuses in state legislatures, and we work closely with the bipartisan members of these caucuses to advance laws and policies that protect religious freedom.

Through its exemplary history of affording robust religious freedoms to all persons, America has preserved national unity and avoided the religious divisions and violent conflicts that have plagued nations throughout the ages and across the globe. The American Religious Freedom program works in coalition with individuals and organizations of all faiths, regardless of their political affiliation or ideology.

Brian Walsh is executive director of the American Religious Freedom program.

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