Is Chivalry Dead? And Should It Be?

When feminists identified masculine chivalry towards women as a tool of oppression, they took away from men, especially young men, a whole set of cultural expectations about how to behave towards the opposite sex. And the assumption of the sexes’ equality has meant that no new code has been put in its place. The result […]

Faith Angle Forum: May 2007

-Dr. Philip Jenkins: “Global Schism: Is the Anglican Communion Rift the First Stage in a Wider Christian Split?”
-Ray Takeyh: “God’s Will: Iran’s Polity & the Challenges of the Future”
-Dr. Richard Bushman: “Mormonism & Democratic Politics: Are They Compatible?”

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The American Movie Hero

Follow the evolution of the American Movie Hero from Gary Cooper’s Sergeant Alvin York to Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones. EPPC Resident Scholar James Bowman, film critic of The American Spectator and The New York Sun and author of Honor: A History, will host a summer film series with commentary by Leon Kass (of the American Enterprise Institute […]

Faith Angle Forum: December 2006

-Dr. Peter Berkowitz and Ari Shavit: “Israel & the Future of Zionism”
-Dr. Peter Berger: “Religion in a Globalizing World”
-Karlyn Bowman and Dr. John Green: “Understanding Religion’s Role in the 2006 Election”

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Faith Angle Forum: May 2006

-Dr. Michael Cook: “How & Why Muhammad Made a Difference”
-Dr. James Davison Hunter and Dr. Alan Wolfe: “Is There a Culture War?”
-Dr. William A. Galston: “Religion, Moral Values, & the Democratic Party”

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The Next Supreme Court Vacancy

In the event that President Bush has the opportunity to nominate another Supreme Court justice, what lessons do the successful confirmations of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito provide?  How can the Administration and its supporters best achieve another victory?  Can opponents of the nomination wage a more effective campaign? In this discussion […]

Faith Angle Forum: December 2005

-Dr. Grace Davie: “Believing Without Belonging: Just How Secular Is Europe?”
-Dr. Edward J. Larson: “The Biology Wars: The Religion, Science & Education Controversy”
-Dr. Leigh Eric Schmidt: “Spirit Wars: American Religion in Progressive Politics”


Pope Benedict XVI and the Future of the Catholic Church

EPPC Senior Fellow George Weigel’s bestselling biography of Pope John Paul II, Witness to Hope, set the standard by which all portraits of the modern papacy are now measured. With his new book, God’s Choice, he gives us an extraordinary chronicle of the rise of Pope Benedict XVI as well as an unflinching view of the Catholic […]

The Myth of Hitler’s Pope

Was Pope Pius XII secretly in league with Adolf Hitler? No, says Rabbi David G. Dalin?but there was a cleric in league with Hitler: the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini. As Pope Pius XII worked to save Jews from the Nazis, the grand mufti became Hitler?s staunch ally and a promoter of the Holocaust, […]

Faith Angle Forum: May 2005

-Rick Warren: “Myths of the Modern Mega-Church: A Case Study of Saddleback”
-Reuel Marc Gerecht and Jeffrey Goldberg“The Islamic Paradox: Religion & Democracy in the Middle East”
-Dr. John DiIulio and William Raspberry: “With Ben Franklin’s Blessings: A Primer on Faith-Based Initiatives”