Faith Angle Forum: May 2009

– Dr. Robert D. Putnam and Dr. David Campbell: “American Grace: How Religion is Reshaping Our Civic & Political Lives”
– Dr. Wilfred M. McClay and E.J. Dionne: “Obama’s Favorite Theologian? A Short Course on Reinhold Niebuhr”
– Dr. Francis S. Collins and Barbara Bradley Hagerty: “Religion & Science: Conflict or Harmony?”


Scoundrel Time: The Politics of 2008

A version of Mr. Weigel’s remarks were published as an essay in First Things. Click here to read it. An engaging, challenging, and occasionally even amusing exploration of how the Sixties were the big winner in the 2008 presidential election, with a few further notes on the dangers of messianic politics and the temptations of faux […]

Faith Angle Forum: December 2008

-Dr. Vali R. Nasr and Jeffrey Goldberg: “America & Islam After Bush”
-Dr. John C. Green and Anna Greenberg: “A Post-Election Look at Religious Voters in the 2008 Election”
-Dr. Eddie S. Glaude, Jr.: “Religion & Race: A Historical & Contemporary Perspective”

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Isn’t It Romantic?

Follow the evolution of the movie romance from Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable in It Happened One Night to Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally. EPPC Resident Scholar James Bowman, film and cultural critic of the American Spectator and author of the booka Honor: A History and Media Madness, will host […]

Faith Angle Forum: May 2008

-Dr. D. Michael Lindsay and David Kirkpatrick: “American Evangelicalism: New Leaders, New Faces, New Issues”
-Dr. William A. Galston and Michael Gerson: “Religious Voters in the 2008 Election: What it Means for Democrats, What it Means for Republicans”
-Andrew Newberg, M.D. and David Brooks: “Why Belief in God Persists: Why We Believe What We Believe”

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Referendum on the Sixties: The Issues Behind the Issues in 2008

A version of Mr. Weigel’s remarks were published as an essay in First Things. Click here to read it. In his seventh Annual William E. Simon Lecture, George Weigel examined six crucial moments in the Sixties with an eye to how they reshaped American political culture, with effects still being felt four decades later. What a […]

Faith Angle Forum: December 2007

-Dr. John C. Green, Michael Barone, and E.J. Dionne: “The Religion Factor in the 2008 Election”
-Dr. Wilfred M. McClay: “Religion & Secularism: The American Experience”
-Dr. Stephen Prothero: “Religious Literacy: What Every American Should Know”


Poison or Cure? Religious Belief in the Modern World

The Ethics and Public Policy Center and the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University hosted a debate between writer Christopher Hitchens and Oxford University professor Alister McGrath on the role of religious belief in the modern world.

The Sixteenth Annual Tertio Millennio Seminar on the Free Society

The Tertio Millennio Seminar on the Free Society was founded in 1992 by Michael Novak, Rocco Buttiglione, Father Richard John Neuhaus, Father Maciej Zieba, OP, and George Weigel to deepen the dialogue on Catholic social doctrine between North American students and students from the new democracies of central and eastern Europe. The seminar is built […]

Is Chivalry Dead? And Should It Be?

When feminists identified masculine chivalry towards women as a tool of oppression, they took away from men, especially young men, a whole set of cultural expectations about how to behave towards the opposite sex. And the assumption of the sexes’ equality has meant that no new code has been put in its place. The result […]